Titanium tube, wire & rod

Titanium is an element often used in many areas. Titanium tube and titanium rods/bars have a documented strength and are resistant to corrosion, i.e. stainless, and very heat resistant. Titanium tube, titanium wire, titanium bars have a wide range of uses and our assortment offers a wide range of different dimensions and variants. Certificates are available for some of our products below.

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Our range of titanium products is below.
All dimensions are in mm. Description Description
tr0800x0600 Titanium tube 8,00 x 6,00 x 1,00 Grade 2
tr1000x0800 Titanium tube 10,00 x 8,00 x 1,00 Grade 2
tr1270x1130 Titanium tube 12,70 x 11,30 x 0,70 Grade 2
tt1270 Titanium rod 12,70 mm Grade 1
tt200 Titanium wire 2,00 mm Grade 1
tt300 Titanium wire 3,00 mm Grade 1
tt500 Titanium rod 5,00 mm Grade 1
tt600 Titanium rod 6,00 mm Grade 1
tt635 Titanium rod 6,35 mm Grade 1
tt800 Titanium rod 8,00 mm Grade 2